get to know shila.
the persian girl who combines virtual art with reality. her professions are cgi, interaction design and language in multimedia and design.

how do you start your day?

with music and a lot of coffee

what do you do when youre bored?

actually i would really love to be bored
for a change

which cartoons did you watch in your childhood?

sailor moon + the simpsons

anything you really hate?

people talking too softly

do you eat your favourite
at first or at last?

at last, if my friends won´t eat it before

what was the worst present you ever got
and what happened to it?

a very ugly scarf. i gave it to a friend,
who didn´t thought it was that ugly

what‘s a compliment you would be happy about?

it was a really nice talk

nutella on the bread or on the spoon?

on the spoon in a cup of milk

complete the sentence: native link is..

the project that costs most of my time :)

what would it take to bribe you?


from a scale from 1 to 10, how close is
your instagram account to your real life?

puh.. 3 i guess, i don´t even have the app

where would you be
at saturday at 10 pm?

probably on one of my friends couch

anything else we need to know?
at saturday at 10 pm?

it´s mostly not what you think

trailerpark kim

model: kim
visuals: shila oderso
music: mighty moe
video: joseph lanzinger

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rendering : shila oderso

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photo : shila oderso
location: den haag

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