get to know nita.
the singer / songwriter who is a gerontologist.
- a what?
it´s the study of the social, cultural, psychological,
cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.

how do you start your day?

snoozing, tea, music, sometimes
- ok rarely - “morning-sports”

what do you do when youre bored?

mostly singing, sleeping or eating
- but sometimes - sports

which cartoons did you watch in your childhood?

goofy und max, micky mouse

anything you really hate?

onions (and of course the things like hate, war,...)

what was the worst present you ever got
and what happened to it?

alcohol- or fruit- filled chocolate
(i get it every year) and i give it
(every year) to the next one

what‘s a compliment you would be happy about?

“i like you‘re music - and usually i prefere hardcore”

nutella on the bread or on the spoon?

normally bread; on melancholic evenings - spoon!

complete the sentence: native link is.. awesome project of two crazy, pleasant friends

what would it take to bribe you?