get to know naomi saka.
the half japanese - half german girl who is a illustrator and a crack in 3d printing and visualisation.

how do you start your day?

with music!

what do you do when youre bored?

i binge rick and morty. and when boredom kills me i start searching all my lost hair scrunchies.

which cartoons did you watch in your childhood?

pokémon, kim possible, pokémon, kim possible and pokémon sailor moon + the simpsons

anything you really hate?

carnists complaining about the climate change.

do you eat your favourite
at first or at last?

at first.

what‘s a compliment you would be happy about?

„i like your attitude!“

nutella on the bread or on the spoon?

i‘ll just take the bread.

complete the sentence: native link is..

..a very hot ginger and black pepper smoothie.

what would it take to bribe you?

„you can pet rabbit babies in my basement...“
„ok let‘s go!“