get to know melina.
the sarcastic girl who is extravant and could be the greek version of sailor moon.

how do you start your day?

depends - if it's a school morning i'll probably start with breakfast, but i always need about 30 minutes for it. In the end, it's always stressful because the breakfast took too much time and i have to hurry up to not miss the train.
if it's a day off, usually with coffee and youtube.

what do you do when youre bored?

i usually watch helen anderz' vlogs or force myself to tidy up my room.

which cartoons did you watch in your childhood?

i really loved 'frederick + piggeldy' and still do, it's so cute! i also watched 'teletubbies' of course, i had slippers of every character. when i was at my aunts, i was allowed to watch 'tom + jerry' – never at home because my mom was pretty strict when it comes to tv series and cartoons and she thought that it's too violent.

anything you really hate?

i really hate smalltalk, phoning and I absolutely detest maths.)

what was the worst present you ever got
and what happened to it?

a hand vacuum cleaner, but i use it anyway, it's quite handy

what‘s a compliment you would be happy about?

basically everything except for basic closing notes. i think it's really cool if somebody is brave enough to appeal to someone in real life, i really have had enough of facebook 'i saw you lately, how r u?' messages.

nutella on the bread or on the spoon?

neither on a bread, nor on a spoon, i hate nutella

complete the sentence: native link is..

..really cool, because it has potential and is managed by two cool dudes

what would it take to bribe you?

crushed avocado on fresh bread and tzaziki with a huge amount of garlic.